Cellceutix Announces Positive Results with Autism Compound KM-391, Showing Significant Improvements in Key Parameters in Animal Studies

BEVERLY, MA–(Marketwire – March 29, 2010) – Cellceutix Corporation (OTCBB: CTIX), a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops small molecules to treat cancer and inflammatory disease, today announced positive results in an animal study of its recently acquired autism compound, KM-391. In this carefully conducted study, KM-391 was given orally over 90 days to groups of rats at two dosage levels. At each dosage level, KM-391 demonstrated significant improvements in the test animals when compared to both the “no treatment” group and the “active control” (fluoxetine) group on the parameters of brain plasticity, serotonin levels and behavioral function. These parameters were selected as important indicators of the effect needed to successfully treat autism.

“We are extremely excited about the data on KM-391 and the potential for the compound in this area of urgent medical need,” said George Evans, CEO of Cellceutix. ”Diagnoses of autism are rising dramatically and the disease takes a terrible toll on families. There is a critical need for new treatments for autism and we are pleased to be part of the effort to find them.”

“Research on autism has been difficult because there has been no reliable animal model,” said Dr. Krishna Menon, Chief Scientific Officer of Cellceutix. ”Fortunately, we were able to tap into some cutting edge research to find a promising model for our study.”

For more details about KM-391 and the study, please visit the Cellceutix web site at www.cellceutix.com.