Brilacidin-OM Called a “Top Contender” in Oral Mucositis Market

A recent online article—"A Billion Dollar Market Just Waiting for a New Oral Mucositis Drug”—published by favorably mentions Brilacidin-OM as one of five promising drug candidates—the “Top Contenders”—targeting the Oral Mucositis (OM) market.

Innovation Pharmaceuticals has completed its randomized double-blind Phase 2 Trial of Brilacidin-OM (see NCT02324335), with topline results having been released.

Results revealed a clear reduction in the incidence of Severe OM (WHO Grade ≥ 3) in patients treated with Brilacidin-OM as compared to those on placebo. Brilacidin also appeared generally safe and well-tolerated across the full safety population.

The Company is now preparing to move the Brilacidin-OM program forward.

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Take note that Innovation Pharma and Enzychem have primary endpoints of “incidence” of OM. This is an important distinction between those looking at “duration” as the primary endpoint because it means that the companies are trying to prevent severe OM in the first place, rather than just trying to moderate the time patients must deal with severe OM.
— Source: "A Billion Dollar Market Just Waiting for a New Oral Mucositis Drug”