Rescuing the Guardian of the Genome

Last year, an insightful article ran in Science—“Rescuing the Guardian of the Genome”—detailing some of the efforts underway to target p53 in the treatment of cancer.

Innovation is proud to be one of the few companies developing a promising p53-activating drug candidate, having initiated a Phase 2a clinical study evaluating Kevetrin in the treatment of Platinum-Resistant / Refractory Ovarian Cancer. The goal of this open-label dose-escalation trial, with an anticipated completion date in 2H2017, is to illuminate Kevetrin’s mechanism of action (MOA) via select biomarkers, while at the same time, continuing to assess PK, safety and efficacy, as a secondary outcome, based on RECIST criteria. Patients will receive more frequent dosing (three times per week) at higher dosing levels, which may lead to enhanced therapeutic effects.

The Company also is continuing to advance the development of an oral formulation of Kevetrin.